I made it to Christmas


I will never ever build or renovate near Christmas again. Famous last words. Orders have to be made so early due to everything closing and lack of freight companies in operation. Of course you forget, to order something and they shut earlier than you expected.  All the frustration you need, and your time frame of finishing has blown out massively. On top of that I also work in retail part time.  After 6.00am starts, and finishing at about 10.00pm for about a month now, I can say I made it.   I found some ‘retreat’ though,  from sitting on the nature strip of my neighbour Chris and David’s house, especially late at night after I  had finished painting or cleaning up. It is so peaceful. It looks like it should have snow falling around it.



My mum’s christmas tree.  Something I also love. The lights are over 50 years old, and apart from that there is tinsel, and a few baubles. So old fashioned.  It’s  nothing like the David Jones christmas tree I like to put up, but this has so much more sentiment and holds many memories for me.  Reminds me of the trampoline we received, the many barbie dolls and my very favourite Mattel ‘Giggles’ doll which is sadly now gone. If I could ever track one down, I would be beside myself.  I think I should make that my next project.