OMG Its Easter


I cant believe my last post was in January….. Well I guess I can.  My house is slowly progressing, but my posts are way behind.  The heat,  the long days and the drawn out process of this renovation have got to me.  At least the cooler weather of the last week has lifted my spirits and my progress.  I seemed to have been getting nowhere fast.   Bruce Kennedy a dear friend of mine, said to me, ‘Sometimes you just feel defeated’.  I think that comment put things into perspective and got me going again. I learnt a lot about painting doors yesterday.  I always find them the hardest thing to paint, to get a smooth finish on.  I was going to use gloss acrylic paint on my doors and trim but have opted for satin, as it is more forgiving on old skirtings, architraves and doors.  A great tip was to nail small pieces of timber into the ends of your doors so they rest on the end of your tressles, so you can turn your doors over without either side coming into contact with any surface that may damage your paint work.


I sanded them lightly first, I didn t use an undercoat, but I think on some they may need three coats.  I was taught to get the paint on as quickly as possible, then take it off with the end of a good quality paint brush.  I use a 60mm as I find I have better control over that size.  So holding your brush at a 90 degree angle and using the very end of the brush, glide across the door or which ever surface, reducing the visible brush strokes as much as possible.


I also thought it was a good idea for me  to mark the top of the door with the name of the room, whether it was left or right and an arrow showing which was the front of the door.  (If you are feeling a little bit jaded and the back of a wardrobe door isnt quite perfect, it isn t as noticeable if its the back of the door.  Cheats way….. lol)  Anyway… I found these tips really helpful, as I am not very confident with painting any doors whilst they are up.  I also like to remove hinges and door fittings, it gives a much better and professional finish. Happy Easter and Happy Painting if you are this weekend