Pointing Brickwork, Footings and Piers


Footings are poured just before the much needed rain. When I was little my parents built a couple of homes and I always wondered what all the little paths were for. We used to love running around on them.  I thought they were just for me to play on.FOOTINGS

Whilst the brickies were here I pinched the cement mortar to re point some brick work in the existing cottage.  First clean or scrape out the old or any loose mortar.


Scoop some concrete onto a board or wide piece of timber, then using a wide trowel, place some concrete on it and with a small bricklayers pointing tool, available from Bunnings, push the concrete gently into the crack. Try not to put the concrete all over the bricks, as you still have to clean it up.  MORTAR

When it starts to dry off, run the small tool along the crack, with the edge turned slightly down.  The steel blade will give it a smooth finish. This is not my best attempt, but it is very close to the ground. But I will keep at it.


Brick piers


Spent the early hours of this morning putting white caps on top of piers.  Ant cap in one hand.  Tube of silicone in the other.