Undercoating Timber

The timber used now for beams etc. isn’t really timber in some cases.  It is like a plywood of sorts glued together in layers.  It is then sealed with some type of yellow primer, I think, and then has a dirty great stamp or ink transfer on it.  Great!!!!

I decided to seek the advice of my dear friend and Inspiration Paints Owner Alan Turner.

We decided that the black ink might be a problem, as we couldn t identify if it was ink, dye or paint. It could be a real problem if the black bled through.    I once again used Australis Block Out,  and then coated the beams with Exterior Gloss. There is nothing worse than putting all the work and effort into your preparation, and then having all the hard work go to waste when you find colour or stains bleed through your paint work.


The beams I ve painted are for the exterior extension of this roof.